About PTC

A flexible course designed for groups and individual study


Written and developed by Moore College faculty, the Preliminary Theological Certificate is designed for people who want to grow in their personal knowledge of Christ’s word.

The PTC has three flexible options for study: online, correspondence, face-to-face. It is an ideal course for anyone wanting a self-paced introduction to theology.


The PTC consists of three levels with 6 units in each level.  You might do PTC Level 1 only or work your way through all three levels.  It’s your choice.

PTC level 1

PTC level 2

PTC level 3

Introduction to the Bible Former Prophets (OT2) Latter Prophets (OT3)
Promise to Fulfilment Acts (NT2) Paul’s Letters (NT3)
The Pentateuch (OT1) Christ and His Work (Doctrine 2) The Church (Doctrine 3)*
Mark (NT1) Early Church History Reformation Church History
Knowledge of God (Doctrine 1) Elective 1 Elective 3
Ephesians Elective 2 Elective 4

*The Church (Doctrine 3) is available as a paper-based unit only, not available online

PTC Electives

Apologetics* John
Apostolic Writings (NT4)* Prayer Book
Christian Ethics Romans
Christian Worship Wisdom & Exile (NT4)

*Apologetics and Apostolic Writings (NT 4)  are available as a paper-based units only, not available online



Three levels


Six subjects in each level


Study online, by correspondence or face-to-face


Full Access to the Online Learning Environment (OLE)


Detailed exam feedback


Study tools


Interaction through online forums


Study at your own pace


Enrolment includes 12 month subscription to Moore Access


» Online study

The PTC can be completed fully online using our Online Learning Environment (OLE). The OLE contains all study materials and assessments for the course, including interactive maps, audio resources, extra reading and forums – as well as the final exam.

» Correspondence study

Students may purchase PTC Correspondence notes at the time of enrolment. These notes allow you to study anywhere – with or without access to the internet. Many students have enjoyed collecting the notes to refer to years after completing the course. Correspondence students can choose paper exams, which are mailed out, or online exams.

» Face-to-face study

Each year four units are offered as face-to-face evening lectures at the Moore College Newtown campus. If you enjoy the interaction of a group, or would like the opportunity to learn from Moore College faculty, you can select the evening class add on when you enrol.

The dates for face-to-face classes are based on lecturer availability and different from the actual PTC term. See the table below for the dates and details of our face-to-face evening classes.

Evening Class Terms
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
31 Jan – 21 Mar 2 May – 20 Jun 18 Jul – 5 Sept 10 Oct – 28 Nov
Introduction to Bible Christian Ethics Wisdom Doctrine 1
21 Mar* 20 Jun* 5 Sept* 28 Nov*

* In-class exam (opt in only)

» Coaching

Qualified coaches are available to correspondence study students to provide personalised feedback on your academic progress throughout the term. Coaches will help keep you on track with your studies, helping you feel ready to sit the final exam and complete the course.


» Basic enrolment

The basic enrolment fee is AUD $45 per unit (this cost includes online study, online exam and Moore Access).

» Optional Add ons

In addition, the following costs (AUD) apply for any Optional Add ons chosen:

+ $20 for Correspondence course notes

+ $40 for Coaching

+ $60 for PTC Evening Classes


Each unit contains 10 studies that are usually completed over a 10 week term.

PTC exams are multiple choice and open book. You can choose to do the exam either online or by paper. The available exam windows are in the table below.

If you enrol for a paper-based exam, you must enrol at least 4 weeks before the exam week to ensure you receive the exam paper before the exam date.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

6 Mar – 28 May

5 Jun – 27 Aug

4 Sept – 26 Nov

4 Dec – 25 Feb


Enrolments Due*

24 Feb

26 May

25 Aug

24 Nov

Online Exam windows (anytime in term)

6 Mar – 28 May

5 Jun – 27 Aug

4 Sept – 26 Nov

4 Dec – 25 Feb


Paper exam windows (1 week)**

15 – 21 May

14 – 20 Aug

13 – 19 Nov

12 – 18 Feb


* Enrolments will be accepted after the due date, but delivery of notes before the term commences cannot be guaranteed.

**All paper-based exams must be taken during paper exam windows.