Preliminary Theological Certificate


A flexible course designed for groups and individual study.

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Delve into your theological education

Written and developed by Moore College faculty, the Preliminary Theological Certificate is designed for people who want to grow in their personal knowledge of Christ’s word. Its flexible modes of study means this an ideal course for anyone wanting a self-paced introduction to theology – study online, by correspondence or face-to-face.

Course costs

Fees are per unit of study – there are 6 units in each level of the PTC.

Enrolment (includes online study, online exam and Moore Access) $45


Printed notes (book) $20 (plus Int’l postage)
Paper exam (mailed to your supervisor) $25
Evening lectures (Sydney, Australia) $60
Coaching $40

Read about our PTC subjects

3 levels
6 subjects in each level
Study online, by correspondence or face-to-face
Full Access to the Online Learning Environment (OLE)
Detailed exam feedback
Study tools
Interaction through online forums
Study at your own pace
12 month Moore Access subscription
Choose PTC if…
  • You want self-paced study
  • You want a solid assessment to work toward
  • You’re a teacher in a Christian school
  • You lead groups at church
  • You’re in a Bible study group
  • You’re looking to deepen your understanding of Christ’s word

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PTC study options

Online study

The PTC can be completed fully online using our Online Learning Environment (OLE). The OLE contains all subject materials and assessments for the course, including interactive maps, audio resources, extra reading and forums – as well as the final exam.

Correspondence study

By purchasing the text book, you can study anywhere – with or without access to the internet. Many students have enjoyed collecting the notes to refer back to years after completing the course. Online exams are still an option; however, you may also choose to have your exam mailed to your supervisor to complete on paper. Please note that books are not sold separately to the enrolment. If you would like to purchase the book, you must be enrolled in the unit.

Face-to-face study

Do you enjoy the interaction of a group, or would like the opportunity to learn from Moore College faculty? Evening lectures are run throughout the year at the Moore College Newtown campus.

2017 Evening Lectures Timetable

Term 1 (31 Jan–21 Mar): Biblical Theology 1 (Introduction to the Bible) Term 2 (2 May–20 June): Ethics Term 3 (18 July–5 Sept): Wisdom and Exile (Old Testament 4) Term 4 (10 Oct– 28 Nov): Knowledge of God (Doctrine 1)


Qualified coaches are available to online and correspondence students to provide personalised feedback on your academic progress throughout the term. Coaches will help keep you on track with your studies, helping you feel ready to sit the final exam and complete the course.

PTC course structure

PTC Level 1 PTC Level 2 PTC Level 3
Introduction to the Bible Former Prophets (OT2) Latter Prophets (OT3)
Promise to Fulfilment Acts (NT2) Paul’s Letters (NT3)
The Pentateuch (OT1) Christ and His Work (Doctrine 2) The Church (Doctrine 3)**
Mark (NT1) Early Church History Reformation Church History
Knowledge of God (Doctrine 1) Elective 1 Elective 1
Ephesians Elective 2 Elective 2

**Paper-based unit, not yet available online.




Old Testament 4 (Wisdom and Exile) Romans Christian Worship
New Testament 4 (Other Writings)** The Gospel of John Apologetics**
Prayer Book Hebrews (available mid-2017) Ethics (available mid-2017)

**Paper-based unit, not yet available online.

Exam windows

You can enrol online at any time to start studying the PTC. Each month there is an online exam week, and each term there is a paper exam week. We recommend that you choose an exam window at least 10 weeks after your enrolment to ensure you give yourself sufficient time to study. If you enrol for a paper-based exam, you must enrol at least 4 weeks before the exam week to ensure you receive the exam paper before the exam date.

2016 exam dates
Term 4
Online exam windows: 5–11 December 6–12 February 2017 Paper exam window: 6–12 February 2017  
2017 exam dates
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Online exam windows:

  • 13–19 March
  • 17–23 April
  • 15–21 May

Paper exam window: 15–21 May  

Online exam windows:

  • 12–18 June
  • 17–23 July
  • 14–20 August

Paper exam window: 14–20 August

Online exam windows:

  • 11–17 September
  • 16–22 October
  • 13–19 November

Paper exam window: 13–19 November

Online exam windows:

  • 11–17 December
  • 12–18 February 2018

Paper exam window: 12–18 February 2018